Above All Drone Service LLC

Agricultural monitoring

Farmers can now determine the low moisture areas and pinpoint the crops that have been dehydrated with our drones carrying thermal cameras. Furthermore, instead of just videography and photography drones can do much more, our services of drones for agricultural monitoring of crops include aerial surveillance, spraying fertilizers, crop monitoring, land inspection, and mapping.


We facilitate farmers to evaluate their land and collect data and implement maps. We not only provide high-precision methods for aerial images but also provide a real-time measure of the overall health of the crops by planting methods of irrigation in the soil. We provide the best agriculture drone services in Northwest Indiana including farming photography and video data, covering enormous regions rapidly to identify where the action is required.

Our hi-tech Drones for agricultural monitoring of crops provide accurate field mapping and inspection that allow farmers to find any abnormalities in the land. This helps farmers to increase crop yield by determining drainage patterns and applying precision agriculture patterns for more efficient watering techniques on the wet or dry spots which allows farmers to make smarter decisions. 


Our drones have vastly altered the agriculture industry in such a short time by helping growers to get insight into their crops and help farmers stay agile on their land. With drones for agricultural monitoring in Illinois, farmers can increase crop yields by monitoring multiple issues affecting plant health and growth.


Farmers can escalate yielding crops by monitoring multiple issues at once affecting the plant. Like quickly finding and addressing the manifestation as well as the irrigation and nitrogen levels with our drones for agricultural monitoring in Illinois.